What is Rotary?
ROTARY is an organization of businesspersons or professionals united in the world and who provide humanitarian services. They encourage many ethical rules in all occupations and they help to create good intentions and peace in the world.
Basically, Rotary is a philosophy of life that try to reconcile the conflict between the wish of benefit oneself and the commitment and the impetus of serve the others. This is the philosophy of serve: “Service Above Self” and it is based on the principle: “One Profits Most Who Serves Best”.
Rotary constitutes an opportunity of make friendships forever and experiment the personal satisfaction of serve the others.
The clubs are organised for their activities in districts, there are 530 districts currently.
Every week and in the whole world, each rotary club celebrate a meeting, which last about two hours. These meetings are apolitical no sectarian and they are open to all cultures, races and creeds.

Mensaje del Presidente

Comenzamos este nuevo año Rotario con la gran ilusión de siempre y el deber de darle continuidad a esta gran obra que es en si misma Rotary Club Torrevieja que se ha fortalecido con el paso de los años y el buen hacer de todos sus socios unidos por la amistad y el anhelo común de servir y ser útiles a la sociedad de torrevieja manteniendo su carácter de asociación apolítica y aconfesional abierta a todas las razas culturas y credos .
Siendo la Sociedad Local de una variedad multicultural , se nos abre la posibilidad de ser el referente , la antorcha que alumbre con nuestras actitudes y ética el camino hacia el futuro de esta comunidad .
Rechacemos de plano la corrupción , en todas sus formas, impliquémonos activamente en los problemas de nuestra gente , del día a día y en sus aspiraciones de futuro , sobre todo en la JUVENTUD .
Personalmente llevare a cabo las acciones e iniciativas destinadas A LA JUVENTUD , y a los emprendedores impartiendo charlas abiertas a todo el publico ya que ROTARY es simplemente eso ABIERTO A LA SOCIEDAD .
Como Presidente hago un llamamiento a todas aquellas personas que en su voluntad de cambio y ayuda desinteresada hacia los mas necesitados que nos visiten y puedan ver de cerca el funcionamiento del club y aportar sus ideas y compromiso valiente.
Quiero dedicar un amable recuerdo a cinco grandes rotarios que dejaron en el club su sello de clase y altruismo personal hacia los demás .
José Cruz Moruno
Curt Johansson Sandelin
Manuel García Gea
Ramón Ferrer Ferrer
Vicente Domingo González
Tengo el enorme desafío y gran de honor de suceder a Gemma y su Junta directiva que han hecho este año aun mas grande y generoso este Club .
Quiero recordar a mi esposa , mis hijos , hermanos y a todos mis compañeros que han logrado con su apoyo y cariño entrañable la posibilidad de enfrentar este mandato .
También celebro el buen entendimiento entre nuestras Autoridades y el Club Rotario de Torrevieja , que redunda en beneficio para nuestra sociedad local.
SEAMOS MAS PERSONAS – PARA SER MEJORES ROTARIOS , de ese modo conseguiremos ser el reflejo fiel del lema de este año Rotario .


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ABC of the Rotary

"Rotary is an international organization dedicated to give humanitarian service. Men and women affiliated with the Rotary, leaders in their professional and corporate activities, provide their time and material resources to help the fellows of their community and of the entire world.
The Rotary clubs put into practice many service projects, in response to the problems of poverty, hungry, illiteracy, drug addiction and contamination.”
The service to the youth, specially children in danger, constitute one of the principals initiatives of the entity. In the setting of is management with the leaders of tomorrow and on their benefit, Rotary sponsor clubs of service for teenagers and for young adults, and it offer guidance programs about degrees and tutor service.

Rotary’s objective: The objective of the Rotary is stimulate and encourage the aspiration of service like the basis of every deserving enterprise, particularly, stimulate and encourage the aspiration of service.
This statement mention 4 zones why this aspiration of service is sponsored via comradeship between their members like an opportunity of serve a promotion of many ethical rules in the business and professions via our life in our activities, in particular and in the community and the one of good intentions, understanding et peace in the world.

Rotary’s slogan: The slogan of the international Rotary One Profits Most Who Serves Best, was approved during the second Convention of the International Rotary in Portland, Oregón, in August 1911. This sentence was cited for the first time by the Rotary member of Chicago, Art Sheldon, making a discourse in 1910 outlining it like this: One Profits Most Who Serves Best His Colleague. At the same time, Ben Collins, president of the Minneapolis Rotary Club, told that the correct way of organise a rotary club is through the principle that they had adopted for their club: Service Above Self. These two slogans, slightly changed, were mixed to change them in the Rotary’s official slogans, approved officially in the Convention of Detroit in 1950: One Profits Most Who Serves Best and Service Above Self. The Legislations Board of 1989 has established that Service Above Self is the best principal slogan of the Rotary, because it explains the philosophy of voluntary service without selfish act.

The four-way test: One of the most popular and little ethical codes in the business world is the Rotary’s four-way test. The rotary member Herbert J.Taylor made it in 1932, when they request him to assume the leadership of the company Club Aluminium Company in Chicago, which was on the verge of the bankruptcy. He searches for a way to save this company sunken in a depression because of economic problems. Under this ethical code with 21 words, for that all his workers follow him in his business occupations, he get the company going. The four-way test became a guide for sale, production, advertising and every kind of relationship with clients and wholesalers. The company survived through this philosophy.
Herber Taylor was the president of the Rotary International in 1954-1955.
The Rotary International adopted the four-way test in 1943, and since this date, it was translated into more than 100 languages and printed in many ways.
This message needs to be known and followed by all Rotary’s members:

FOUR-WAY TEST – Of the things we think, say or do:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Rotary’s founder

Paul Percy Harris, was the founder of the first and biggest international club of service ROTARY.
A lawyer, born in Racine, Wiscoonsin USA on 19 April 1868, he was the second of six children to George N. Harris and Cornelia Bryan Harris. At age 3 he moved to Wallingford, Vermont where he grew up in the care of his paternal grandparents. Married to Jean Thompson Harris, they had no children. He received an LL.B. from the University of Iowa and received an honorary LL.D. from the University of Vermont.
Harris worked as a newspaper reporter, a business teacher, stock company actor, cowboy, and travelled extensively in the U.S.A. and Europe selling marble and granite. In 1896, he went to Chicago to practice law. One evening Paul went with a professional friend to his suburban home. There is when it occurred to him “Why not have a fellowship composed of businessmen from different occupations.
On 23 February, 1905, Paul Harris formed the first club with three other businessmen: Silvester Schiele, a coal merchant; Gustavus Loehr, a mining engineer; and Hiram Shorey, a merchant tailor. Paul Harris named the new club “Rotary” because members met in rotation at their various places of business. Club membership grew rapidly. Soon, Paul was convinced that the Rotary club could be developed into an important service movement and strove to extend Rotary to other cities.
Paul was prominent in his professional and civic job. He was the first president of board of directors of Easter Seal Society of Crippled Children and Adults in USA and the first president of the International Society for Crippled Children. He was member of the board of directors of the Chicago Bar Association and his representative in the international congress of Hague Laws. He received the Bufalo Dorado of the Boy Scouts of America award for his service to the youth and he was awarded from the government of Brazil, Chilli, Dominican Republic, Equator, France and Peru.
The National Association of Rotary’s Clubs was created in 1910, and this name was changed in 1992 like ROTARY INTERNATIONAL because of his big growth and the creation of clubs in the whole world. Paul had his lawyer’s office during all his life. A big part of his time he works as an orator in yearly conventions and district and regional meeting.
When Harris died on 27 January 1947, his dream has grown exponentially. It was an informal meeting with four men and it became a big one with 1.200.000 rotary’s members and 3200 clubs in 166 countries in the whole world.


The Rotary’s International manual of procedure define “Paul Harris Fellow “ as a person who contribute to the Rotary’s foundation with $US1000, similar to 720 euros.
This kind of collaboration is an important source of fundraising and recognition for an exceptional solidary service of funds for the Rotary’s foundation programmes.
The Rotary’s foundation had created this distinction in 1956, because before the donations don’t beat $US500.000 and they were searching a way to raise funds and motivate the rotary’s members to make important donations.
“Paul Harris Fellow” consists in a title, an insignia and a medallion with an effigy of the founder to a physic person who make a donation of $US1000 in only 1 year.
With the time they thought that they raise more if they allow that the contribution could be made by some persons and in several years. But they must choose only one beneficiary and this way they impose the rule of distinct someone with special qualities and merit.
It was then when the idea of a Paul Harris award was carry out like a donation of the club for “A recognition for an exceptional service”.
In 1968 the category “sustainer member” was created and that consist in the agreement of a yearly donation of $US100. When the amount of $US1000 is completed this member receives the PHF recognition.
Nowadays, the moral commitment of helping the Rotary’s foundation “EVERY ROTARIAN, EVERY YEAR” with a donation of $US100 for the annual fund for programs, have the PHF recognition as well when the amount of $US1000 is completed.
The contribution of $US1000 to the “Program Polio Plus” have also the PHF recognition.
In 2006 the “Paul Harris Fellows Circle” (SPH) was created, an official program of recognition that pays tribute to the Rotarians and LFR friends that give every year a contribution of $US1000 or more to the annual fund for the program Polio Plus.

Rotary events

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